How It Works

There are a couple of options for portrait photography and this rather depends on what kind of photos you want at the end of the session. The first option is for me bring my portable studio with me and we can set this up in a front room (it really takes very little space). This creates photos that have a cleaner look and feel with a simple black or white background.
The second option is for us to go outside and find a beautiful location to take the photos, perhaps in nearby fields, some woods or a park - we could even head for the beach! Whatever you decide, these photos tend to be more spontaneous and natural and reflect the real personalities of the people in them.

Whichever option you prefer, nothing is rushed and we take plenty of time together so that everyone involved feels relaxed and at ease. This is really important and will translate into more natural photos. There are no time constraints and we have lots of breaks so that nothing is hurried.

At the end of the session, I will go away and process all of the photos from the session so that you are left with a final selection of around 30-50 photos which are yours to keep and use as you wish. As ever, I am here to help with all of the different options for framing and mounting and I would certainly encourage you to come over to the studio for a coffee (and cake!) and a look around. Only then will you really start to see which products and finishes you like.