A very warm welcome...

My name is Graham Keutenius and I live and work in beautiful Eton, near Windsor in Berkshire. My lovely studio is on the historic high street, just behind a wonderful cafe full of the aromas of mouth-watering cakes and the best coffee in the world. I’d love to welcome you to my studio, where I will feed you chocolate brownies, passion-fruit cake and the nicest shortbread you have ever tasted! You might also get to meet the most important girl in my life, Pearl my beautiful labradour who often comes into the studio to keep me company (if she can stay awake long enough!).

I love photography, especially wedding photography. I know, you’ve heard it before – it’s on every wedding photography web site you’ve looked at – but it’s true, I really do love what I do. Before I became a full-time photographer, I worked in publishing and before that, I worked for an oil and gas company onboard seismic exploration vessels (usually in the worst possible places on Earth). None of which I can honestly say I enjoyed, but now I get up in the morning with a genuine desire to tell stories and create memories through photography.

It all started when two of my closest University friends asked me to take the photos at their wedding; they showed their friends the pictures, and they in turn asked me the same thing, and recommended me to more friends – and I’ve never looked back. I’m extremely lucky to be doing something that I love and I never underestimate the importance of what I do for the people who invite me to join their happiest day.